Två intressanta intervjuer med Jennifer Lawrence

Moviefone och LA Times har båda intervjuat Jennifer Lawrence. Tyckte att de var så bra så här har ni länkarna.


When you read the books, did you imagine yourself playing Katniss?
No [laughs]. When I read them, it was before there was any talk of the movie or anything, so I definitely didn’t picture myself. That would be slightly narcissistic, anyway. By the time there were talks of the movie, I was so turned off by the idea — because we’ve watched so many people destroy our favorite books [by turning them into movies]. There was interest in me for it, so I had a meeting with Gary Ross, and just loved everything he was saying. I knew the movie was being made by people who are fans of the book and wanted to stay true to its story, and understood that it’s a sad story, not a cool action flick. There was hesitation, of course, over the size of it and what my life would be like if I were to say yes, but I slowly came around to the idea. I’m happy I did [laughs].

Despite the fact that these books are nothing like ”Twilight,” comparisons between the two franchises are often made in the media. Does that bother you?
I don’t really care! I mean, I get it: they’re all beloved books and they’re huge best-sellers, and they become a franchise. It’s easy to compare them. I think I’m more relaxed about it because once you see the movie you know it’s absolutely nothing like ”Twilight,” or nothing like ”Harry Potter,” except in size. I’m not worried about it. I like the ”Twilight” movies.

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From the start, though, director Gary Ross (”Seabiscuit”) had his eye on Lawrence, whose starring role in the gritty independent drama”Winter’s Bone” propelled her to the national stage as the second-youngest woman ever to receive a lead actress Oscar nomination.

Still, Lawrence admits that she spent some time deliberating over her answer before ultimately accepting the role. ”I needed three days, I guess, to kiss my personal life away,” she said. ”I wanted to iron everything out so that when my life was completely flipped upside-down and different, it was because I thought everything through and was positive” about the decision.

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